Chemicaboy Leather Shine Classic 20300007


Special Formula To Restore Leather To Original Luster, Shine.


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Chemicaboy Leather Shine Classic 20300007

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500ml (16.907oz)



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Special Formula To Restore Leather To Original Luster,

Restore, Moisturizes, Natural Shine, Protects Leather

Chemicaboy Leather Shine Classic is formulated with rich lanolin to restore leather upholstery and keeps it moisturized from UV rays which cause leather to fade and crack,

CLPC gives your leather a lustrous natural shine with a supple feel for extra comfort.

Directions: - 
Shake well before use. 
Pour sufficient amount of CLSC on to foam applicator and apply thinly

and evenly on to treated area.

For best results, apply CLSC on to cleaned leather surface. 
Repeat if necessary.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets

Flammable. Keep away from heat and open flame.

MSDS available upon request.

Precautions : Ingredients may cause skin and eye irritation.

Keep container close and store indoors when not in use.

Keep in low temperature.

Suggested first aid : if swallowed : Do not induce vomiting.

Seek physician immediately.

Eye Contact : Flush eyes with plenty of water immediately.

Seek physician if irritation persists.

Skin Contact : Flush skin with soap and water.

Seek physician if irritation persist.

Inhalation : Expose to fresh air,

if breathing difficulty still persists or occurs later consult a physician.



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